Hey loves!!
  Do you know what today is ? TGIT!!! { Thank God it’s Thursday! }
If you are like me and millions of other t.v watchers, you are all fired up for the return of ABC’s hit Thursday night shows. Fans will gather around the t.v in just hours for the premier of Grey’s AnatomyScandal & How to Get Away with Murder.
These show’s or the IT show’s! And it is no wonder, with all the juicy drama, love triangles, powerful women..and oh so trendy fashions.  Scandal’s Olivia Pope leads the way in ABC’s most fashionable ladies. Olivia is Power, Intelligent, Graceful and stylist.

  •  What is the look, and how can I achieve it?

Here are the staples, of the Olivia Pope ensemble

  1. The classic pant
  2. Feminine blouse
  3. Statement piece coat
  4. Elegant shoes

This neutral inspired look, that takes a page right of the Olivia Pope hand book. Scanda’ls ultimate fixer, has a style that says (I will get the job done). She uses neutrals and white to make bold statements of class, stature and femininity

A little goes a long way with Liv’s style. Let the outfit speak for it’s self. No need for big bulky accessories to over shadow her look. 
Get the Look for less!

Originals finds!


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